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We've put together the most comprehensive webinar to help you kickstart your civil PE exam studies so you are not left guessing.  These are all the tips I had when I started studying for the PE exam.

It's all happening in January.  Choose what works for you!

Jan 8th 10:30 AM MST

Jan 16th 9:00 AM MST

Jan 22nd 6:00 PM MST

  • Revealed: find the top resources you need to ace the breadth exam and we'll point you to where to go to get your depth material too.
  • Get perfect study strategies so you can kick off your study habits the right way.
  • Discover the secrets to the exam specs and some interesting stats that you have to see.

This webinar will teach you:

Exam Taking Strategies

We'll discuss my biggest mistakes when taking this exam and how you can properly crush it.

Specification Checkup

We'll do a quick review of the spec and look at key statistics for test takers that you need to pay attention to.

Resources You Need

We'll cover everything you need to get started on this exam so you feel confident in the resources you're have.

Study Strategies

We'll dive into studying strategies, how to build a schedule, how long you need to study, and more.

Isaac Oakeson, PE

Founder of Civil Engineering Academy

Isaac took and passed the civil PE exam in 2012.  Ever since then he has had the desire to help others do the same.  Join him to help you on your journey to become a professional civil engineer and learn from someone that's been in the trenches doing this right along with you.

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This made all the difference for me...

The best gift I could have ever hoped for! This was my second time taking the PE (I tried studying on my own the first time) and the your material really made all the difference for me!

Haley S.  //  Professional Civil Engineer

Thank you for your material...

Illinois results literally just came in and I'm so excited I could barf right now. :)  Thank you for your material!

Shannon B.   //  Professional Civil Engineer

I was in need from some serious help...

Passed!! Thank you Isaac Oakeson for putting this material together. As an ME I was in need of some serous help to pass this exam, I’ve taken another course previously and it didn’t do it for me. Couldn’t have done it without your course/material and guidance.

Artur Szaradzinski //  Professional Engineer

All these amazing tips and information is waiting for you! It's time to take action now and transform your preparations for the civil PE exam!

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