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Personalized Support

We pride ourselves on the support that we can offer you. You will no longer be just one student in a sea of others. I know how hard it is to take this as a repeat taker and I know that when you need help you need it! Well, worry no longer – If you need help we will be there quickly. Whether it’s through email, personal instruction, or our private Facebook group, we are here to help any time you need it.

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Constantly Growing Resource Library

Not only do you gain access to our exams and already existing lecture modules and video practice problems, but the library of problems continues to grow as we continue to make them. We even take suggestions if you need a specific topic you’d like covered.

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Best Chances to Pass

Because you’re learning from someone that has been in the trenches, I can personally guide you through this tough exam. I’ve taken my model from Einstein who said, ” Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler.” I’ve developed this review to give you exactly what you need to pass.

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We know how busy you are. I am too! I’ve developed this to be available any time you are ready to jump on and study. The flexibility of the course allows you to study on the train, in the office, or at home. Anywhere you have the internet you have this course ready to help. You can also review it at your own pace and schedule!

Tons of Video Practice Problems

This course will take you by the hand to help navigate you through a ton of video practice problems for every topic.  There are currently over 150 video example problems found within the lectures and as stand-alone problems with more continually added.  They are built with the same look, feel, and difficulty of the actual exam so that we can ensure you crush the test in proper fashion.  It’s basically a library of problems that keeps on growing.  Sweet!

Video Practice Problems Samples

Easy to Follow References

Let’s be honest here.  You’ve already purchased or borrowed the massive PE Civil Reference Manual (CERM) from PPI – and if you haven’t don’t worry.  We will point you in the right direction with all the material that you will need to get you going.  Because we know that the PE Civil Reference Manual (CERM) is the most used tool in the industry, and we know you want references to it – so, we reference everything that we can out of that book to make it easy for you to follow along.  

So go ahead, mark the heck out of it.

Pro Tip:  If you don’t have the CERM then get it at PPI‘s store and use our discount code of CIVAC to get 15% off!  This book is a must!  Get the associated Practice Problem Book as well as you need to do homework with the schedule we build for you.

Accessible Anywhere

You’re a busy person – I get it and I’ve been there.  Now you can study at your own pace whenever you want.  No more being tied to a classroom to take a course.  Everything is comprised of video-based lectures and video solved problems.  Take it with you anywhere your device is.  Study on the bus, the train, at work, your house, anywhere you have access to the internet and anytime you can squeeze in a couple of practice problems.

Power of Community

Have a question that needs to be answered?  No problem.  Want to celebrate the good news of passing?  Excellent!!  As part of this amazing course, you will gain access to a private Facebook group that will be there to help you, support you, and commiserate with you with anything you need.  Your instructor will be there too, so you never feel left behind.  We are here to support each other to pass this test.  Check out some great examples below!

Certification of Completion

Need a certificate of completion for tuition reimbursement or just for personal achievement and satisfaction?  We have you covered.  After successfully completing the course you’ll automatically be awarded your certificate.  We track it all so there’s nothing else you need to worry about.


The Ultimate Homework Planner

included: $29.95
Sets you on a path to success. No need to worry about what to study and when. We do it all for you. This is built around the CERM and the associated Civil Engineering Practice...

The Ultimate Equation Reference Guide

included: $29.95
Like the notes you took in college and got right to the point to circle the equation you need. We give you the equations you need right out of the CERM with references to each...

The Ultimate Civil PE Breadth Exam Vol. 1

included: $29.95
A complete 40 question and solution practice exam built just like the real exam.

The Ultimate Civil PE Breadth Exam Vol. 2

included: $29.95
A second complete 40 question and solution practice exam. You need practice and you now get both breadth practice exams!

The Ultimate Construction Depth Exam

included: $29.95
This test includes 40 questions and solutions for the construction depth exam. It is an instant download so you can get going on it right a way.

The Ultimate Geotechnical Depth Exam

included: $29.95
This exam has 40 depth-type questions and solutions covering the geotechnical area. Each problem is labeled so you know what areas you might need to hit hard if you are struggling.

The Ultimate Transportation Depth Exam

included: $29.95
This test includes 40 questions and solutions for the transportation depth exam. It is an instant download so you can get going on it right a way.

The Ultimate Structural Depth Exam

included: $29.95
This is The Ultimate Structural Depth Exam! You’ll find 40 questions and detailed solutions in this exam.

The Ultimate Water Resources Depth Exam

included: $29.95
This exam has 40 depth-type questions and solutions covering the water resources and environmental area.

20 Bonus Theory Questions

included: $29.95
Theory is a HUGE part of the exam. We decided to give you more to give you practice, which is the key to passing.

10 Complete Modules

Yes, you’ll get 10 complete modules that cover all 8 topics found on the civil PE breadth exam administered by the NCEES organization, a great introduction to get you going and a final conclusion – all updated to meet the specification. We dive into each subcategory too, so you get complete coverage from start to finish. Now, that’s a lot of info, but it’s exactly what you need to pass! No extra fluff. Here’s what you get:

Module 1:


  1. Start Here
  2. Specification Review
  3. Outline and Objectives
  4. Breadth and Depth Resources
  5. Effective Test Taking Tips and Strategies
Module 2:

Project Planning

  1. Quantity Takeoff Methods
  2. Cost Estimating
  3. Project Schedules
  4. Activity Identification and Sequencing
Module 3:

Means and Methods

  1. Construction Loads
  2. Construction Methods
  3. Temporary Structures
Module 4:

Soil Mechanics

  1. Lateral Earth Pressure
  2. Soil Consolidation
  3. Effective and Total Stress
  4. Bearing Capacity
  5. Foundation Settlement
  6. Slope Stability
Module 5:

Structural Mechanics

  1. Dead and Live Loads
  2. Trusses
  3. Bending
  4. Shear
  5. Axial
  6. Combined Stresses
  7. Deflection
  8. Beams
  9. Columns
  10. Slabs
  11. Footings
  12. Retaining Walls
Module 6:

Hydraulics and Hydrology

  1. Open Channel
  2. Storm Water Control and Drainage
  3. Storm Characteristics
  4. Runoff Analysis
  5. Detention and Retention Ponds
  6. Pressure Conduit
  7. Energy Equation
Module 7:


  1. Horizontal Curves
  2. Vertical Curves
  3. Traffic Volumes
Module 8:


  1. Soil Classification
  2. Soil Properties
  3. Concrete
  4. Structural Steel
  5. Material Test Methods
  6. Compaction
Module 9:

Site Development

  1. Embankment
  2. Construction Site Layout and Control
  3. Soil Erosion and Control
  4. Impact of Construction on Adjacent Facilities
  5. Safety
Module 10:


  1. Concluding Thoughts
  2. Get Your Certificate!
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Hi! I’m Isaac Oakeson and I’m the owner of The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course. Like you, I know how challenging and rewarding it is to be a Civil Engineer. I also know that in order to advance in this industry you need to study, take, and PASS the civil engineering PE exam; but with life’s busy schedule, and time seemingly disappearing every day, this is no small feat!

When I took and passed the civil engineering PE exam in 2012 I knew that I wanted to make the process easier for others. I know how hard it is to come back to studying after being away from college for 3 or 4 years. Sometimes you just need a good refresher, but most the time you need someone to get you going, and to hold you accountable. ​

My goal is to help you on your journey to becoming a PE. I set out to provide a course that you could access anywhere at anytime with tons of practice problems, which is the KEY to passing.

I am a practicing engineer working in the utility world. As a graduate of civil engineering from the University of Utah, and a fairly recent test taker, I know the ins and outs of the exam and I want to help you ace this test. I also recently received my MSE from the University of Arkansas. Part of the joys in life is the ability to help others achieve the goals they have. Let me help you ace this! Learn from my success and also my failures. Let’s get going!

Is This Course For You?


You need a course that will cut through the clutter and give you exactly what’s found on the NCEES specification with accompanying video practice problems. Straight to the point – all while holding your hand through problem solving.


You need a place that will give you the best tips to succeed on the exam, starting with what resources you need. These things will save you time and money right from the get go.


You are looking for a course that offers great content at a much lower price than other major PE exam studying courses out there!


You want practice exams included as part of your breadth and depth preparation.


You’re either a first time taker or a repeat taker and need the structure and support necessary to get yourself in gear. This is for you.


You are ready to up your game in your career and you know that by getting the PE you can get there. Moving on up!


You need a comprehensive lecture series from college. We give you what you need to pass the PE!


You think you can rush through this quickly and still get good results. You must put in the work and practice!


You are looking for a complete depth exam review covering your individual test. This is all built off the breadth specifications. Will it help with your depth exam? Of course! But we want to be upfront about the material.


This course was exactly what I need to prepare and pass the PE exam. It goes over everything step by step to help anyone pass. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

The Ultimate Civil PE Review Course gives you exactly what you need to stay on track while studying, and will give you the skill and confidence to pass the PE Exam.

This course was exactly what I need to prepare and pass the PE exam. It goes over everything step by step to help anyone pass. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

  • 1 Year of Awesome Content (Enough for 2 exam cycles!)
  • 10 Modules to Cover all Topics from the NCEES Breadth Exam
  • Over 150 Video Practice Problems
  • Our Private Facebook Community!
  • Bonus: Two free 40-question Breadth Exams
  • Bonus: 20 Additional Theory Problems
  • Bonus: The Ultimate Homework Planner
  • Bonus: Top 5 Free Internet Resources to Pass the PE
  • Bonus: The Ultimate Problem Reference Guide Bonus: Various Cheat Sheets

If you aren’t happy with the course, it’s content, or it’s ability to help you take and pass the civil engineering PE exam then we will refund you 100% of the money you paid (must request within 15-days). It’s up to us to pass the test of your satisfaction.



Absolutely.  While the focus IS on the breadth section of the exam, the portions we do cover for your depth section will help.   Our support will also help with any depth questions.

We would recommend starting with www.civilengineeringacademy.com for more practice exams to help you.  You will find references to other great exams there too.

If you cancel within your first 15 days of service you can receive 100% of your money back. No questions asked.  It’s on us to over-deliver.

No books are required for the course, but it is assumed that you will have purchased the Civil Engineering Reference Manual and the Practice Problems that are associated with that book.  The “CERM” is THE most common book for the civil PE.  Get it.  We refer to all we can out of the CERM so you can follow along.  Use the discount code CEA15 at www.ppi2pass.com to receive 15% off of your book total at checkout (see there’s good stuff down here).

All videos will have downloadable slides associated with the lectures.  You can also download the practice exams and any other related material offered in the downloads section associated with your access level.  Videos cannot be downloaded as they are proprietary to the site.   A pdf of all the video practice problems is also provided so you can work them first.

While we wish we could guarantee that – passing is really left up to the individual student and is a function of how much work you put into studying and practicing.  We do not make a guarantee that you’ll pass, but we know for darn sure that this course will set you up on a framework for success!  Most courses say that their guarantee is to take the course again at no charge.  We offer 1 year of access that covers 2 exam cycles right upfront.

Why, yes there is.  Finish going through the course modules and you’ll magically receive one stamped with your name on it (it’s magical).  Sometimes these are required for company reimbursement (if you’re company is cool like that).

The course has 10 lecture modules (with sub-modules) following the NCEES specifications. The videos for each lecture run from 10-40 minutes. So, there’s a lot of content.  This doesn’t include the 150 video practice problems that run anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes.  You’ll need time to digest this and that’s the point. You should be giving yourself at least 3 months to study hard for the PE exam and we will be here to help at every step of the way.

The course is made up of recorded lectures and video practice problems that you can viewed at your own pace.  Live lectures or questions can be done as needed, but between the private Facebook community and communicating with the team through email support, we can typically tackle any questions you have or any challenges you need help with.

No.   That’s why we are here to help you navigate it. First time takers fail 32-42% of the time. Repeat takers fail over 60% of the time (ouch).  Check out NCEES.org for typical pass rates.  They go up and down for each exam cycle. Don’t worry about the pass rates though – take this course and you’ll ace it.

We’ve polled our students for pass rates and we have determined they are about 85%.   Not a bad boost for a first time or repeat taker if we say so ourselves.